Winner of the Kluz Prize for PeaceTech | 2022

The Magnolia Foundation

Ana Carolina González Peña


Magnolia Foundation for Peace is an organization run by a multidisciplinary team that works to promote peace, human rights, and conflict prevention in different parts of the world. Since we began our work in mid-2019, our goal has been to advocate for holistic peace in which we incorporate inner, social, ecological, and political harmony. The School of Peace, is a pedagogical space that offers innovative concepts and tools for peacebuilding. Our School of Peace is the expression of the changes we collectively yearn for in the world. Our courses propose new ways of thinking and acting as community members through exchanged discussions held on digital platforms. We conceive peace as a habit developed and practiced in all dimensions of life. So far, we have reached countries such as Bangladesh, Syria, Yemen, Guatemala, Colombia, Nigeria, United States, Argentina, Chile, and Germany, among others. Using technology, we aim to inspire and empower our participants worldwide by providing them with tools and helping them continue consolidating peace in their respective communities.


  • 42+Countries participated
  • 80+ Scholarships for victims of violence around the world
  • 600+Newsletter subscribers

Source: Building Peaceful Digital Ecosystem: The Magnolia School of Peace (September 2023)

Kluz Prize for PeaceTech 2024

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Apply to the 2024 Kluz Prize for PeaceTech and be recognized for your achievements and contributions to the evolving field of technologies for peace.

Applications are due by 11:59 PM EDT on July 15th.